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Offer an Easy, Affordable & Irresistible Option That Doubles as a Problem-Solver

Don't discount the simple beauty of anything that seems too basic. In the context of your store's hospitality the classic peanut butter & jelly has a lot more to contribute than appears at first glance.

Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches offer up so much more than what they seem. They are deceptive little problem-solvers wearing multiple hats. Tasty. Quick. Simple. Portable. Nostalgic. Pair well with coffee. They are unbeatable little snacks.

Finding savory fare in a coffee shop can always be tricky and of course the labor involved or the expense of ordering those items from a great bakery can make you think twice about offering them. But in the spirit of offering patrons more for their visit, something is always needed to augment the menu. Which brings me to a classic that deserves a second look.

I love the simple peanut butter & jelly sandwich for many reasons:

  1. It's simple & everybody knows exactly what it is and what to expect

  2. It's memorable - we all remember having these as children (at least from my era!) and this little bit of nostalgia is worthy of a point

  3. It's tasty. I've never met one I haven't enjoyed.

  4. From a business standpoint - it's low cost & low risk. If you have any left over at the end of the day you can put them in the fridge and see how they are the next day or do a half price sale at some point closer to closing. Any staff person can prepare ten of them in 15 minutes or less.

  5. They are something you can offer that doesn't have a ridiculous price tag & this is such a relief for people not wanting to spend a lot on a snack. I love coffee shops but I honestly dread spending $11 on avocado toast. But $4 for a PB&J? Not only am I happy but I also appreciate the store for offering a range of price points.

  6. Kids. It is so nice to have something inexpensive yet filling for children to enjoy; and parents love having something that, again, doesn't cost much and represents a value.

  7. They brand well. Wrap it up in waxed paper and invest a little time in making custom stickers and they are just adorable. A beautifully wrapped sandwich with a lovely sticker looks professional and says that you care & hints at the quality.

  8. You're cool by proximity. These sandwiches are cool. You are cool. You're trendsetting.

  9. You can experiment with them daily. You can add nuts and seeds, bananas, honey - you can dress them up or dress them down; you can purchase hand-ground at the store or organic butters at Costco. You have so many options. You can throw dried fruit into them. Your staff can have recipe contests and play with them. They are just awesome in this regard.

  10. They are completely satisfying.

So, yes, please reconsider this humble sandwich as perhaps something more like a short stop and less like a right fielder. It truly has the potential to become an MVP at your counter.

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